Decoy BMX club is a non profit volunteer run club in Newton Abbot. Built in 1998 Decoy have been and still are committed as a club to develop riders and have fun at the same time. Our track is open to everyone, no matter your age or ability. 

Open sessions to practice and have fun
Coaching led by british cycling coaches
Fun club and regional races throughout the year

Decoy's Rules

  • Always make sure your wearing a full face helmet and gloves
  • NO bare skin to be visable.
  • Ride the track clockwise in 1 direction.
  • Always look before you enter the track and only enter when there is a safe gap.
  • Do not stop anywhere on the track.
  • If helping a child round the track please be respectful of other riders and stay to the right of the track.
  • Sign in at cabin.
  • No pegs allowed of any sort. Your bike must have a brake.
  • NO SMOKING on site.
  • Under 12's supervised by an adult.
  • Under 16 can ride providing a parental/guardian contact number is provided